Anonymous: How did you become so happy? I'm happy some days and others I just get in these moods and have a nasty attitude towards everyone! But I truly am a good person with a big heart. I have no friends.. Nobody talks to me. I'm starting to get lonely bc I have no one to talk to. And I'm super shy. I just am worried about people constantly judging me. And I know I shouldn't. I feel so pretty some days but others I'm just like eww gross and start picking out all my flaws. I just want a guy to talk to..

Everybody has their days. You can have the biggest heart and be the kindest person but that doesn’t mean that you should stop being human. You’re not perfect, you are built to have feelings. Use them. And what people think about you should be the last of your worries. People judge that’s what they do and no matter how much you want to get rid of them you can’t because people are going to judge you you’re entire life. But you need to use that as motivation for yourself to pick yourself back up and do you. Do what you like. Do what makes you happy and when you do that all the people that have ever judged you are not going to be on your mind anymore. Loving yourself is the hardest thing to do that’s why we reside to other people and search love within them whether it’s a friend or significant other but how can you love someone unconditionally and not love yourself? Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t reside to a man or anyone else to make yourself feel better because that one person you seek and give your all to May be the one to bring you down. Turn all your motivation to better yourself. Make your interests your grind and show the haters that you’re good without them. And when it comes to friends, you just made one. I haven’t found complete happiness but I’m still working on getting there. I’m here if you need someone to talk to. I’m just one message away.